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Areas of Impact

  1. Social Innovation
    Social Innovation
    MiProfile Affiliates drive social impact in communities around the world and bring to life our call to activate change.
  2. Mentoring
    We rehabilitate and educate families to restore their educational, social, psychological & emotional needs.
  3. Powering Giving
    Powering Giving
    We’re pioneering solutions that are enabling unprecedented levels of charitable giving around the world.
  4. Financial Inclusion & Participation
    Financial Inclusion & Participation
    We’re committed to building a future where all people have the opportunity to participate and thrive in the global economy.
  5. Graffiti & Street Art ...
    Graffiti & Street Art ...
    can be controversial. But it can also be a medium for voices of social change, protest, or expressions of community desire.
  6. Community Cleanup
    Community Cleanup
    Businesses, schools, community groups, neighborhood associations, and residents are invited to clean up up their community.