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  • Nomvula Florence Stop the spread of corona virus by practicing good hygiene wash hands regularly and keep household/work surface clean.
    20 minutes ago

  • Gladys Musongong KEEP THE RIGHT COMPANY. The company you keep determines your level of productivity in life. The kind of friends you keep detemines the level you go in life. It is not every body that deserves your time or that needs to be around you. If you want your life to be productive, chose your friends. If you want to succeed, asociate yourself with successful people. Never feel too inferior to be amongst those who are highier than you because that is a sign that you are also changing levels. Remember that you are unique in your own way and you have the rigt to accept, delete or ignore some peole, if you must be an asset in life. Stop being a liability. I love you friends. Have a nice day
    February 7, 2019

  • Lemon Moyo Prayers are so important in my life
    March 7, 2019