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Pain Relieve for Couples is a platform dedicated to motivating, encouraging, counselling, and supporting married couples who have committed their lives to each other for common reasons. The primary objective of this page is to provide a space for men and women to share their experiences and offer possible solutions to the issues they face in their relationships. The aim is to help improve relationships and freely exchange experiences in order to assist others going through similar situations. The motivations, encouragements, counselling, and sharing on this platform are all based on biblical standards.

Engagement on the page should involve asking relevant questions and participating in fruitful discussions conducted on a professional level. The intention is not only to assist the individuals within the community but also to provide valuable help to anyone who may need it outside of the page. When seeking clarification on specific issues, it is important to provide the necessary information in order to receive effective help. Patience and love should be exercised when interacting with others.

To ensure continued benefit from the page, please keep the following guidelines in mind:


  1. Show high respect for others.
  2. Avoid sharing forwarded or circulated messages.
  3. Limit discussions to topics related to marriage and relationships.
  4. Use English as the only acceptable language for communication.
  5. Understand that views may differ, and avoid taking discussions personally.
  6. Foster openness and transparency to facilitate relevant assistance.
  7. Exercise patience with one another, as immediate answers may not always be available.
  8. Refrain from sending any motivational messages that are not related to marriage issues. Even scriptural messages should specifically relate to marriage and relationships.
  9. Failure to abide by these rules may result in immediate removal from the community.
  10. It is important to note that the answers provided on this platform are sourced from the Bible.


Remember, your marriage/relationship matters. Let us work together to make a difference. #painrelieveforcouples