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About MiProfile

MiProfile is a Social Networing Platform for Infopreneurs. 

It summarizes an Infopreneurs' entire field of knowledge, what they do and what other people need to know about who they are, from the beginning to the end, all under one roof. 

The sole purpose of MiProfile is to enable Infopreneurs to accumulate and share their knowledge online using tools like albums, blogs, forums, groups, listings, music, polls, videos and much more, which people can use to help them quickly.

The use of MiProfile expands to all age groups. This web-based application has been created in the spirit of learning with a purpose to share knowledge in a free and simple way.  

What Is An Infopreneur?

An Infopreneur is an Entrepreneur, whose primary business is gathering and selling electronic information.  

There are many types of Infopreneurs for example: Affiliates, Attorneys, Authors, Bloggers, Doctors, Estate Agents, Free Lancers, Journalists, Teachers and many more, who are selling their content on the Internet.   

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Yes! Our focus has been on creating a great service that our members love, knowing that word-of-mouth would be our greatest marketing asset. Members are primarily responsible for MiProfile's sizeable growth and financial success.

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