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Call for snap election


Stage 6 Load shedding and now we are forced to pay an extra 18,65% tariff increase on electricity in April 2023. Is this increase intended to fund the rampant curruption that exists in all state owned entities?

Citizens cannot afford basic human rights such food and water, how are we going to afford the other basic human right of access to electricity. 

All these increases are going to do is to force the poorest of the poor to obtain their electricity illegally, creating a vicious circle of further increases to fund the loss of valuable paying customers. 

Government have to fix the root cause of the problem at Eskom, and that is quite simply highly connected criminal syndicates that are looting the state owned entity dry. And secondly, the ridiculously high staff head count and ludicrous salaries that Eskom is notorious for paying. 

It is clear that this Government has lost control and has no clue how to govern. 

I am calling for a snap election right now so that we can force out the currently useless administration and let the voters elect a different administration that will hopefully be able to improve the lives of all South Africans. 

A snap election is an early election. It is clearly outlined in section 50 of the constitution of South Africa, as a legal call that can be made for the dissolving of the National Assembly. This call should be made by the President of the Republic in our case Cyril Ramaphosa. 

I call on all South African citizens who care for the future of our beloved country to sign this petition calling for immediate snap elections because we cannot wait until 2024 to make a change, it will be too late, the damage will be too great to overcome and we would be in the middle of the death spiral to becoming another failed African State, the power is in our hands to stop this NOW, all we have to do is to exercise our rights as citizens and demand elections right NOW. 


Maserame Matiwane

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Call for Snap Election for South Africa