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Trash in Tembisa

City of Ekurhuleni start collecting Tembisa waste weekly as of 1 March 2023

The people of Tembisa are living in filthy, appalling conditions due to the continuous negligence of Ekurhuleni municipality. The City of Ekurhuleni does not prioritize waste removal from residents of Tembisa as a result illegal dumping has been the order of the day. Our people are exposed to ill health, and dirty food. our South African Constitution gives provision for a Clean environment that is not harmful to any one's health.

We demand sobriety to be applied on the issues of clean environment and waste management to act swiftly on the matter. City of Ekurhuleni ensure service providers are paid on time to avoid  riots that occurred July 2022. We request waste management to do educational programmes on effects of illegal dumping and dangers of unhealthy environment.

Tsholofelo  Mokgope

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