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by Maxwell Mahlangu |
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To whom it may concernI am writing to ask you to include incentive programs in our schools. Motivation is key to inspiring and empowering students and...
May 23, 2023
by Maxwell Mahlangu |
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We, the undersigned, are passionate advocates for the preservation and protection of Table Mountain, the iconic landmark of Cape Town. We believe that...
May 22, 2023
by Jimmy Mahlangu |
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To Whom It May Concern, I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to you as a concerned citizen who strongly believes in the importance of finan...
May 21, 2023
by Jimmy Mahlangu |
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To Whom It May Concern,We, the undersigned, are writing to bring attention to the critical need for comprehensive financial education programs target...
May 20, 2023
by Maxwell Mahlangu |
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We, the undersigned, believe in the power of sustainable tourism to create a positive impact on our planet and local communities. We are passionate ab...
May 17, 2023
by Jimmy Mahlangu |
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Introduction:We, the undersigned, believe that financial literacy is a vital skill in today's complex and rapidly changing world. With economic uncert...
May 16, 2023
by Maxwell Mahlangu |
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To Whom It May Concern, We, the undersigned, would like to express our admiration for the sustainability initiatives that Portugal has implemented in...
May 15, 2023
by Jimmy Mahlangu |
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To whom it may concern, We, the undersigned, are writing to petition for mandatory financial education to be taught in schools at all levels, from ele...
May 13, 2023
by Johan Hadebe |
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  To Whom It May Concern,   We, the undersigned, are concerned about the environmental impact and safety risks associated with offshore pipe fitting. ...
May 01, 2023
by Manelisa Madi |
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Petition to Say No to Xenophobia within South Africa To All Africans within South Africa It is important to say NO TO XENOPHEBIA in South Africa, beca...
Apr 17, 2023
by Manelisa Madi |
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Petition to Minister of Education in South Africa to allow Money Education to be taught at all Schools in South Africa. Creating financial literacy th...
Apr 06, 2023
by Pitso Phaladi |
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Older generations always took care of their communities including the lands which are no longer owned by anyone, this was seen as safety precautions a...
Mar 29, 2023