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Lesego Simon Rajusi

Lesego Simon Rajusi

Posted May 24 | 1 like 2 comments 228 Views | Life

Prayer for Guidance and Strength

Dear Lord,

You are holy above all, and I find my strength in your hands. I humbly ask that you will be done in my life, whatever that may be. I trust in your plan for me, even if it means facing difficult challenges.

I must admit, Lord, that this is not an easy journey. At times, I feel overwhelmed by pain and fear, and I know that I cannot face these trials alone. But I take comfort in knowing that I can turn to you, Jesus and that you will hear my prayer.

I know that you do not intend to leave me stranded in the wilderness. Please grant me the strength I need to face today, and I will not worry about tomorrow. I trust that you will provide me with exactly what I need to overcome this obstacle.

Lord, I ask that you keep me from sinning during this trial. Help me to focus on you, the Holy Lord, and to place my hope in you alone. Thank you for answering my prayer.

In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

— Lesego Simon Rajusi