Building a simple bed frame can be an easy and fun project to take on for those looking to upgrade their bedroom furniture. To start, gather the necessary materials including lumber, screws, and a drill. Begin by measuring and cutting the lumber to size according to the desired dimensions of the bed frame. Connect the pieces using screws and a drill to form the frame. Next, add slats across the top of the frame for mattress support. Sand down any rough edges and apply a finish or stain to your liking. With just a few steps, you'll have an affordable and sturdy bed frame perfect for any bedroom décor style.
  • If you start acting, feeling, and being successful
    If you start acting, feeling, and being successful, you will attract more success into your life. Success is not only a result...

What is a thought?

Thought is the process of using your mind to consider something. It can also be the product of that process: an idea or just the thing you're thinking about. Thought can also refer to the organized beliefs of a period, individual, or group.

  • Manelisa  Madi
    Posted May 25
    It is never too late or too early to start! Set goals for yourself and establish a budget that includes saving and investing portions.

    Small contributions over time can make a big impact on your financial future.
    — Manelisa
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  • Manelisa  Madi
    Posted May 23
    Why did the stockbroker bring a ladder to work?
    Because he heard the market was always reaching new heights!
    — Google
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  • Manelisa  Madi
    Posted May 22
    “Ok. don’t panic. Don’t panic. It’s only a VISA bill. It’s a piece of paper; a few numbers. I mean, just how scary can a few numbers be?”
    — Sophie Kinsella
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  • Manelisa  Madi
    Posted May 20
    A whole world of possibilities opens up. Suddenly, you have more control over your finances and can start planning for the future with confidence.
    — Manelisa
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  • Maxwell Mahlangu
    Posted May 18
    Financial literacy is the key that unlocks the door to financial freedom. By empowering individuals with knowledge and skills, we empower them to take control of their financial destinies and build a secure future. Let's invest in financial education and pave the way for a society that thrives on financial confidence and well-being.
    — Maxwell
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  • Godfry Mwelase Sangwene
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  • Betty  Nonhlanhla Maluma
    Posted Apr 14
    When they want to borrow it, It's life or death
    But when it's time to pay back
    it's hide and seek
    — Betty Maluma
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  • Pitso Phaladi
    Posted Apr 10
    Taking care of your income should lead to one being financially stable, regardless of your personal situation everything needs money especially if you are thinking of owning a house, car any other product for one to survive.
    — King Pitso
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  • Jimmy Mahlangu
    Posted Mar 27
    “There were times my pants were so thin I could sit on a dime and tell if it was heads or tails.” ... “I'm so poor I can't even pay attention.”
    — https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwiF8begvf39AhV1TkEAHeb-BvgQFnoECCAQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fprosperitythinkers.com%2Fpersonal-finance%2Ffifty-financial-jokes%2F&usg=AOvVaw1CFmseFDFqUtbbVJsaf_7m
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  • Oduetse Munthali
    Posted Mar 13
    Three robbers robbed $3 million from the bank. They agreed to share equally while each in his heart wanted to get all the money. When they bought drinks, each poisoned the others' secretly. By the time they finished drinking they were all dead and left the money.''
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  • Spenah Lesego Mokganedi
    Posted Mar 12
    Every time I buy garbage bags, it feels like I am throwing money away"
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  •  Selina Ngubeni
    Posted Mar 9
    I am currently boycotting any company that sells items I can't afford.
    — google
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