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Tsholofelo Sebifo

Tsholofelo Sebifo

Posted May 22 | 1 like 0 comments 9 Views | Wishes

Solo Challenge

I've always loved to be independent. There's something about being able to rely on yourself that just feels empowering. From a young age, I remember wanting to do things on my own - tying my own shoes, making my own breakfast, even walking to school without my parents. As I grew older, this desire for independence only grew stronger. It's not that I don't value the support and assistance of others, because I do.

But there's a certain satisfaction that comes with knowing you can handle things on your own. Maybe it's the sense of control or the feeling of accomplishment after overcoming a challenge solo. Whatever it is, it's a part that brings great joy and fulfillment in life. I wish everybody could be like that.

— Tsholofelo Sebifo