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Rosalia Mamhlakoana Moliko

Rosalia Mamhlakoana Moliko

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A wish for Examining the Psychological and Emotional Association Between Food and Comfort: Exploring Common Comfort Foods and Deciphering Their Soothing Properties

May our exploration into the psychological and emotional association between food and comfort be filled with wisdom, compassion, and insight. May we uncover the intricate layers of our relationship with food, understanding the deep-rooted connections it has to our emotions and well-being. As we decipher the soothing properties of common comfort foods, may we foster a greater awareness of our own needs for comfort and seek healthier ways to nurture our hearts and minds. May our journey inspire empathy and understanding, guiding us to support and uplift others who find solace in these culinary comforts. Above all, may our exploration bring us closer to a holistic understanding of ourselves and the profound impact that food can have on our psychological and emotional well-being.

— Rosalia Moliko