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What is a wish?

A wish is a hope or desire for something. In fiction, wishes can be used as plot devices. In folklore, opportunities for "making a wish" or for wishes to "come true" or "be granted" are themes that are sometimes used

  • Manelisa  Madi
    Posted 18 Hours Ago
    I wish to educate myself about investment options.

    Because understanding the different types of investments will help me make informed decisions about where to put your money.
    — Manelisa
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  • Manelisa  Madi
    Posted May 26
    Lets prioritize an Emergency Fund.

    We really need to prioritize setting up our Emergency Fund.

    Life is unpredictable and you never know when something unexpected might happen - from a sudden health issue to a car breaking down or losing a job.

    That's why building up an Emergency Fund is so crucial - it gives you peace of mind and financial security knowing that you have some savings set aside specifically for unexpected expenses.

    Lets take some discipline and effort to save consistently, but ultimately it's an investment in our future well-being.
    — Manelisa
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  • Manelisa  Madi
    Posted May 25
    I wish to create a budget and stick to it always.

    As Budgeting is an essential skill in managing finances effectively.
    — Manelisa
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  • Manelisa  Madi
    Posted May 23
    I wish we develop a clear financial goals.

    Having clear financial goals is very important in taking control of your personal finances. Without having concrete goals and a plan for how to achieve them, it's all too easy to fall into bad habits like overspending, living paycheck to paycheck, or neglecting savings and investments. Setting specific targets such as paying off debts, building an emergency fund, increasing retirement contributions, or saving for a down payment on a home can keep you focused and motivated. Furthermore, having defined milestones allows you to track progress and make adjustments along the way if needed. Ultimately, working towards your financial goals helps ensure long-term stability and security while also providing a sense of accomplishment and peace of mind about your financial future.
    — Manelisa
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  • Manelisa  Madi
    Posted May 20
    Lets avoid taking on new debt whenever possible and pay off existing balances aggressively.

    While the journey to become debt free is not easy or quick, the peace of mind and freedom it provides is well worth the effort in the end. So go ahead dream big and take actionable steps towards that debt free life you deserve!

    — Manelisa Madi
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  • Godfry Mwelase Sangwene
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  • Manelisa  Madi
    Posted May 17
    May you have financial stability and security. May you have enough money to cover your basic needs, to finance God's projects and pursue your goals without worrying about money.
    — Manelisa Madi
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  • Daniel M Mahlangu
    Posted May 16
    My wish is to have strong and sustainable financial stability for glory of God, taking care of the family, the needy and working in His Kingdom.
    — Daniel Mahlangu
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  • Manelisa  Madi
    Posted May 6
    I wish, we all have a positive mindset towards money.

    A positive mindset towards money is essential for achieving long-term financial success. It's important to view money as a tool that can help us create better futures for ourselves and our families. A positive mindset towards money encourages us to make smart, informed decisions when it comes to managing our finances.
    — Manelisa Madi
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  • Manelisa  Madi
    Posted May 2
    Live below your means, Avoid overspending by living within your means and avoiding unnecessary purchases.
    — Manelisa Madi
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  • Jacob Nkambule
    Posted Apr 25
    i wish God will bless me on my journey to Botswana to launch my Miprofile business
    — Jacob Nkambule
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  • Zanele Ngubeni
    Posted Apr 12
    Wishing every hard working person, all the success they desire.
    — Zanele
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  • Thabile Shange
    Posted Mar 28
    Stay prepared so that when opportunity knocks at your door, you can grab it and take maximum advantage. Best of luck and good fortune in your future!" - Matthew Lynch
    — https://www.theedadvocate.org/success-wishes-motivational-messages-for-success/
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  • Jimmy Mahlangu
    Posted Mar 27
    I wish people can fully understand the difference between Fiat and Crypto currency.
    — Google
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  •  Selina Ngubeni
    Posted Mar 23
    I wish the world would turn around so that not only gender equality applies but also wealth equality applies to all across the world."
    — Selina
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  •  Selina Ngubeni
    Posted Mar 22
    I wish I know how to build investment, wealth and create a fortune in a long run and spend it wisely.
    — Selina
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  •  Selina Ngubeni
    Posted Mar 13
    I wish to break the bank with my investments"
    — Selina Ngubeni
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  •  Selina Ngubeni
    Posted Mar 9
    May this year bring peace, harmony and prosperity to all Infopreneurs,
    — Selina Ngubeni
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  • Zanele Ngubeni
    Posted Mar 8
    Since March is my birth month I wish all my plans come to fulfilment.
    — Zanele
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  • Sipho Leotlela
    Posted September 4, 2022
    I wish "as simple as A,B,C" could apply in finances.
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