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What is a wish?

A wish is a hope or desire for something. In fiction, wishes can be used as plot devices. In folklore, opportunities for "making a wish" or for wishes to "come true" or "be granted" are themes that are sometimes used

  • Ernest Vusi
    Posted May 23
    I wish to provide you with a balanced and informative comparison between reverse osmosis and distillation, two common methods of water purification. Both techniques have their own advantages and considerations, and it's essential to understand their characteristics to make an informed decision. Here's a comparison of reverse osmosis and distillation:

    Reverse Osmosis:

    Efficient Filtration: Reverse osmosis (RO) effectively removes a wide range of contaminants, including dissolved salts, heavy metals, bacteria, and viruses.
    Energy Efficiency: Compared to distillation, RO typically requires less energy, making it more energy-efficient.
    Maintenance: RO systems usually require regular maintenance, such as filter replacement, to ensure optimal performance.
    Water Wastage: RO systems generate wastewater as a byproduct, as not all water passes through the membrane. However, newer RO systems incorporate technology to reduce water wastage.
    Taste and Odor: Reverse osmosis filtration often enhances the taste and odor of water by removing impurities.

    Comprehensive Purification: Distillation is an effective method for removing various contaminants, including heavy metals, salts, bacteria, viruses, and volatile organic compounds.
    Simplicity: Distillation involves the evaporation and condensation of water, making it a straightforward process.
    Energy Intensive: Distillation typically requires more energy compared to reverse osmosis due to the heating and cooling involved.
    Water Purity: Distillation produces extremely pure water, eliminating most contaminants. However, it may also remove beneficial minerals, necessitating remineralization.
    Maintenance: Distillation systems generally require less maintenance, as they do not have filters that need frequent replacement.
    Ultimately, the choice between reverse osmosis and distillation depends on your specific needs and preferences. If energy efficiency, convenient maintenance, and taste improvement are crucial to you, reverse osmosis might be the better option. On the other hand, if comprehensive purification, simplicity, and water purity are your primary concerns, distillation could be the preferred method.

    It's important to note that consulting with water treatment professionals or conducting further research specific to your circumstances is advisable when making a decision about water purification methods.
    — Google
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  • Vuyani Matiwane
    Posted Apr 23
    My first wish is that those in government and its agencies should recognise that without a thriving business sector the economy is doomed
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  • Khaya Khanyisa Junda
    Posted Mar 24
    I wish, I could continue to be a good example to the people for whom, I am a role model.
    — Khaya
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  • Zanele Ngubeni
    Posted Mar 16
    I wish everyone one was comfortable in their owe body so they wouldn't shame others to make themself good.
    — Zanele
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  • Bunnett Munthali
    Posted Mar 11
    I wish all of us could understand the value that God has for all humanity, so we can treat everyone equally.''
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  • Sipho Leotlela
    Posted September 17, 2022
    I wish we all had equal opportunities
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  • Sipho Leotlela
    Posted August 27, 2022
    I wish we were all equal somehow?
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  • Sipho Leotlela
    Posted August 16, 2022
    I wish we had one global language.
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